Brittany: 3,000 Euros Found in Public Toilet

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3000 euros was found in a public toilet in Brittany

NICE GESTURE: This inhabitant of Bannalec in Finistere has shown great honesty …

It’s not every day that one finds 3,000 euros in cash in a public toilet. That’s what happened to a resident of Bannalec in Finistere on Friday night, reports Le Parisien .

The next day, the lady has shown great honesty by coming to the town hall to return the envelope full of notes she had found. She had previously tried unsuccessfully to find the identity of the owner because a name was on the envelope lost.

The mayor contacted banks

It is then the mayor of the town who took over the business in hand by contacting the bank branches in the area. After several failures, the chosen one finally found the facility where the money had been withdrawn.

The owner was an elderly person on holiday in the region could not remember where she had misplaced the famous envelope. To reward the nice gesture of inhabitant, the mayor of Bannalec plans to invite her to its next ceremony of vows, the newspaper said.

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