Sting Reveals “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You”

Sting revient avec "I Can't Stop Thinking About You"

MUSIC: British singer, Sting, offers a new single decidedly pop-rock in the vein of what he could do before. It is from “57th & 9th,” his 12th album, released on November 11th.

At 64, Sting is not ready to hang up his guitar. The legendary voice of The Police reveals that August 31 I Can not Stop Thinking About You , pop-rock as heady and romantic desire. In this new title, Sting returns to his roots rock , leaving aside the classical and jazz experiments he developed on albums released from Sacred Love (2003).

I Can not Stop Thinking You
is the first single from 57th & 9th, his 12th solo studio album, due out on 11 November. Only four months were required for registration in the New York studio popular with Sting. ” Passers-by, traffic, noise, architecture  -. The look of New York’s exciting The walks were great part of the process (writing the album, ed), he told in . Entertainment Weekly

The singer said 57th & 9th is particularly influenced by the many rock disappearances stars in recent months, and climate change the song. 50,000 covers the first theme: “David Bowie went first, then Lemmy, and then my friend Alan Rickman died and Prince. All its dead seemed to be stacked on each other. It was a strange time because we think that these people are immortal, and then suddenly they are like us, they die. ”

"I Can't Stop Thinking About You", le new single of Sting issued on the album "57th & 9th"
“I Can’t Stop Thinking About You”, le new single of Sting issued on the album “57th & 9th”

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