Strasbourg: Abandoned Pets have Doubled in July

Local News
The amount of abandoned animals has doubled in Strasbourg in July

ANIMALS:  The amount of animals in July in Strasbourg have increased significantly, cats and dogs await a master at the SPA …

As every summer, unfortunately, the pet abandonment multiply. This summer is no exception to the rule, even worse in Strasbourg, where the number of animals collected “doubled,” says the website Tchapp Catherine Bronner, co-chair of the SPA Strasbourg.

Result is 110 cats and fifty dogs now waiting for their master. Even if there is a “net increase” adoptions outnumber also been tempers Catherine Bronner.

To adopt a pet

To adopt a pet, is simple: just go to the refuge provided with an identity document and proof of address. And to decide the SPA Strasbourg online Thursday put pictures of animals from the shelter on their Facebook page and refuge site.Adopting a cat cost 150 euros and 250 euros it takes for a dog (vaccinated).

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