Pension reform: Emmanuel Macron has chosen to use 49.3

Pension Reform: Emmanuel Macron Has Chosen to Use 49.3

DEMOCRACY: A Council of Ministers convened urgently validated this choice Did Emmanuel Macron cross the Rubicon? After a tense morning, during which summit meetings followed one another, the Head of State decided to use Article 49.3 of the Constitution to pass his pension reform without a vote in the Assembly. A Council of Ministers was convened urgently a few minutes before the […]

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In a recent survey, 54 percent of the French are in support of the actions against the Labour law

54% of French People Favour the Mobilization against the Labour Law

SURVEY: The supports are fewer among supporters of the Socialist Party than those of the parties to the left of the left … With the absence of a majority in the National Assembly, the government did push through the Labour Law with the motion 49-3.  The Labour Law, introduced by Myriam El Khomri, does not win […]

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2000 protestors marched through the City centre of Nantes

Nantes: About 2,000 protesters March in the City Centre

LABOUR LAW: The procession, made up of many young people, calls for the abandonment of the labour bill and denounced the use of 49.3 … The rain did not discourage. Nearly 2,000 protesters marched through the streets of the city centre of Nantes on Thursday afternoon to demand “the abandonment of the labour bill ” and […]

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Demonstations throughout France against the use of the 49-3 to assist the passage of the labour Law

Labour law: Some Incidents and Demonstrations in Several Cities of France

VIOLENCE Angry, thousands of people demonstrated Tuesday night in France against the use of 49-3 … The use of 49-3 is an “insult to the people.”  The movement  #NuitDebout, angry after the forced passage of the bill by the Socialist government, has mobilized its troops on Tuesday evening.  Several thousand people gathered in France and […]

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Manuel Valls explains that he did not want to use 49.3 for the passage of the labour Law

Use 49.3: “It hurts my heart to have to use it” assures Manuel Valls

LABOUR LAW The Prime Minister nevertheless reaffirmed its commitment to reform on the set of JT TF1 … “It hurts my heart to have to use” the 49.3, said Manuel Valls Tuesday night on the set of TF1. The prime minister, facing Gilles Bouleau, tried to justify the use of this article of the Constitution […]

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