An Extension to Recover the Old Web Version of Facebook

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An extension to recover the old version of Facebook

SOCIAL NETWORKS: The extension is available on Chrome and Firefox, although on the latter, the old version of Facebook still seems available

As expected, Facebook has moved away from its old design in favour of a more streamlined version that visually approaches the mobile application. If for a while, users had the choice between the two versions, this has not been the case since the beginning of September. The new design of the Facebook website is now applied for all users, without the possibility of going back to the old one. Or almost.

An extension makes it possible to take advantage of the old version of Facebook again. Just install ”  Old Layout for Facebook  ” on Google Chrome web browser and refresh your Facebook page. The social network will reappear in its old version. The simplicity of the procedure should certainly convince more than one user to revert to the old Facebook design, even if the new one incorporates some interesting new features.

An extension to recover the old version of Facebook
An extension to recover the old version of Facebook – Geeko
Crédit : Old Layout for Facebook

A concern for harmonization

Remember that the new version of the social network is intended to be more readable, more refined, but above all incorporates a dark modeMessenger conversations are also evolving since they are now displayed in bubbles when they are active.

With this new design, Facebook seeks above all to harmonize all of its versions. Its website is thus much more like its mobile application.

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