Weather Alert: Thunderstorms in Northern France this Afternoon

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Weather Alert:  Thunderstorms in Northern France this Afternoon 1

Six departments of Northern France have just been placed in amber alert by Météo France due to heavy Thunderstorms expected this afternoon and evening.

Seine-Maritime, Oise, Aisne, Nord, Pas-de-Calais and the Somme are the six departments affected by this alert whose start is expected on Wednesday from 2pm. It should be completed by 11pm.

Meteo France have issued an amber weather alert for Northern France

The statement of  Météo France,  “a northern part of the country, the weather will become heavy and stormy (in the afternoon of Wednesday, May 11). The departments placed in orange alert, sometimes strong storms will organize. Hail falls are expected. The showers will generate the order of rainfall intensities of 20 to 40 mm / h. The wind is not the most striking element of these storms, but the gusts will reach 60-70 however even 80 km / h under the strongest storm cells. Thunderstorms in the evening evacuate northward losing their intensity. “

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