Five Refineries in Eight Stopped or Being Stopped, said the CGT

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Five refineries out of eight have stopped or in the process of stopping against the Labour Law

STRIKE: These five refineries are on strike, stopped or being stopped, said Emmanuel Lepine, responsible for the oil branch of the CGT …

The movement against the El Khomri Labour Law, hardens a little more. The members of CGT in the oil refineries have today been called on  “that refineries stop their petroleum facilities” through Emmanuel Lepine, responsible for the oil industry of the union.

“In a way, the source is cut,”  he summarized.  Blockages at depots or refineries, whether total or partial, caused shortages, especially in the southwest of France.  “The goal is not to create scarcity, the goal is to secure the withdrawal of the Labour Law,” stressed  Emmanuel Lepine.

Blockages are not the goal

The “five Total refineries (Gonfreville l’Orcher, Donges, Grandpuits, Feyzin and Provence-la-Mede) and the Lavera refinery Petroineos in Martigues,” are either “stopped, or in the process of stopping” said Emmanuel Lepine. “It’s like a boat crew, when you have 10 teammates, you have 5 who refuse to work, the boat can not move forward and stop. A refinery is the same.”

“Only two Esso refineries continue to walk: that of Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône) and that of Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon (Seine-Maritime),” added Emmanuel Lepine.

“We do not ask anything of the oil profession now.  What we ask is that the employees of all economic sectors come to join us in the strike because it will not be just the refiners that will secure the withdrawal of the Labour Law. We need the strikes to spread to all sectors,” added the union leader.

The latter said that the blockades were not the objective. “The blockade is the result of government obstinacy not to respond to the demands of the people. We are facing a government particularly “radicalized”. The government did not hear the social partners in March, it refused to hear members using the 49.3, it refused to hear the protesters and today it refuses to listen to the strikers. “

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