The unions are blocking the fuel depots over Pension Reform

Strike of 7th March: Movement Strong in Refineries, Shipments of Fuel Blocked

PENSION REFORM: Blocking fuel shipments does not create a shortage at gas stations, but an extension could lead to it No shipment of fuels leaving French refineries will take place on Tuesday. On the occasion of the national mobilization against the pension reform, they were all blocked, told AFP the CGT-Chimie and TotalEnergies, without creating a shortage in service stations. […]

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TotalEnergies dangles new discounts at the pump

TotalEnergies Dangles New Discounts at the Pump

HALF PROMISE: The CEO of the Totalenergies group, which made record profits in 2022, conditions these rebates on an end to the strikes against the pension reform TotalEnergies made record profits in 2022. But while diesel is approaching 2 euros per litre, the group dangled French motorists on Wednesday with discounts at the pump. On one condition: that strikes against pension reform, particularly in […]

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Strike renewed at TotalEnergies, in most refineries against pension reforms

Pension Reform: Strike Renewed at TotalEnergies, in Most Refineries

SOCIAL STRUGGLE: After the third day of mobilisation on Tuesday against the pension reform project carried by the government, the CGT announces a renewal of the strike in the refineries at TotalEnergies TotalEnergies strikers renewed the movement on Wednesday morning against the government’s pension reform project in most of the group’s refineries, we learned from the CGT. The union […]

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The mobilization against the pension reform started more than a month ago continues on Wednesday January 8, 2020, before a fourth big day of demonstrations on Thursday.

Pension Reform: Blocked Refineries and Court Disruption

Before a fourth big day of demonstrations against pension reform on Thursday 9th January 2020, the government tries to find a way out, in particular with the reformist unions. The mobilization against the pension reform started more than a month ago continues on Wednesday 8th January 2020, before a fourth big day of demonstrations on Thursday. The government […]

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Five refineries out of eight have stopped or in the process of stopping against the Labour Law

Five Refineries in Eight Stopped or Being Stopped, said the CGT

STRIKE: These five refineries are on strike, stopped or being stopped, said Emmanuel Lepine, responsible for the oil branch of the CGT … The movement against the El Khomri Labour Law, hardens a little more. The members of CGT in the oil refineries have today been called on  “that refineries stop their petroleum facilities” through Emmanuel Lepine, […]

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Fuel shortages are being reported across Quimper

Quimper: With Blockages, Fuel Stocks Down

The refinery blockages directly impact the Quimper petrol stations. The situation is still tenable, but deliveries are rare. Demonstrations against the Labour Law are increasing in France. Some refineries are blocked, as in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) and Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).  The consequences of these protests are felt in Quimper. Tuesday at 7pm, it was impossible to find […]

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