Accident Near Rennes. A Motorcyclist was Killed in a Collision in Bruz

Local News
A motorcyclist has died after a head on collision with a car in Bruz, near Rennes

A motorcyclist of 55 years residing in Chavagne died Saturday afternoon in Bruz, following a collision involving three other vehicles.

This Saturday, at 4.45 pm, a man of 55 years old residing in Chavagne died instantly in a frontal collision with a car. Two other cars involved in the accident which took place at The Hague-Gautrais, Bruz, on the road linking the Parc-Expo in Chartres-de-Bretagne (CD 34).

Three injured

Fire fighters and emergency crews were quick to the scene, and were able to provide assistance to three other people who were aboard other vehicles involved. The circumstances of the accident are still unclear and an investigation has been set up by the local investigators from the Gendarmerie.

Deviations up

Traffic was halted to allow aid to intervene. Deviations were introduced.

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