In 2019, in France, road deaths was down on motorways

Road Safety: Nearly 3,500 Road Deaths in France in 2019

The National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety has published its final assessment for 2019.  3,498 people died in road accidents. An increasing balance sheet. 3,498 people died on the roads of mainland France or Overseas, according to the annual figures of the National Interministerial Observatory of Road Safety, published on May 31, 2020. In total, these are ten more […]

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In January there has been a decline in the number of road deaths in France

Road Safety: Declining Number of Road Deaths in January

Decline in deaths on the roads of France for the first month of 2018 compared to 2017, announces the Road Safety on Tuesday. A result that confirms the reversal of the curve recorded last year on the number of killed. Decline in deaths on the roads of France for the first month of 2018 compared to […]

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Accident on the Harmony of the Seas in Marseille

Accident aboard the Harmony of the Seas: One Dead, Four Injured

A lifeboat of the Harmony of the Seas has detached from the 5th deck of the giant liner, on a stopover in Marseille. According to an initial report, the accident caused one death and four injuries. According to La Provence, a lifeboat came off the fifth deck of the Harmony of the Seas, during a security exercise. […]

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Road deaths in France are down in August announced the Interior Minister

Road safety: The Number of Road Deaths down 9% in August

ACCIDENTS:  “30 lives have been saved” from August 2015, said the Minister of Interior, announcing a fall in road deaths in France… Good news on the front of road safety . The number of deaths on the roads of France was down 9% in August, with 302 people killed, 30 less than in August 2015. […]

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A motorcyclist has died after a head on collision with a car in Bruz, near Rennes

Accident Near Rennes. A Motorcyclist was Killed in a Collision in Bruz

A motorcyclist of 55 years residing in Chavagne died Saturday afternoon in Bruz, following a collision involving three other vehicles. This Saturday, at 4.45 pm, a man of 55 years old residing in Chavagne died instantly in a frontal collision with a car. Two other cars involved in the accident which took place at The […]

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The Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique is having a crackdown on Road safety

Loire-Atlantique: The Prefecture Announced Tighter Controls on the Roads

The poor figures for accidents during the school holidays force the prefect to take action … The year 2015 was black on road safety in Loire-Atlantique. No less than 83 people had died on the roads of the department, an increase of 30% in one year. But the accident figures since 1 January are not very encouraging: […]

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