CGT union leader Martinez met the Labour Minister to discuss the Labour Law

Labour Law: A “constructive exchange” between Martinez and El Khomri but “no consensus”

IRON ARM:  General secretary of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, arrived shortly before 8 am on Friday at the Ministry of Labour, where he was welcomed by Myriam El Khomri … The long awaited appointment finally took place and Philippe Martinez seems rather satisfied with the face to face discussions although he remains firm. At the […]

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Update on the strikes affecting France against the Labour Law

SNCF, Air France, Rubbish Removal … Update on Strikes

Manuel Valls was particularly frustrated, calling the strike at the SNCF “incomprehensible” … Has the government manage to turn off the social unrest?  Two days before the European Football Championships, the outcome seems still seem to be found, as strikes at the SNCF, in refineries, waste facilities and events are coming on Wednesday. The strike at […]

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The FO Union has called for a Referendum on the Labour law

Labour Law: The FO union Demand a Referendum

In an interview with Le Parisien, the secretary general of Force Ouvrière (FO), Jean-Claude Mailly, intends to submit to referendum the draft labour law. “Yes we always demand the withdrawal. ” With these words the daily Le Parisien , Jean-Claude Mailly indicated the unions opposition is always lively at the proposed Labour Law, while he believes […]

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Students protest in Bordeaux against the proposed Labour Law

Bordeaux: The Lycee and College Students Mobilized Thursday against the Labour Law

A new protest event is organized at the initiative of students and student unions on Thursday to say no to Labour law, even in its revised version … Thursday’s high school and student organizations call to mobilize against the Labour Bill, El Khomri, even in its revised form. A mobilization had already taken place on […]

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Students protest against the proposed new Labour Act

Toulouse: Many Lycees Blocked by Students Opposed to the Labour Act

The blocks were installed at the entrance to some lycees in Toulouse before the event against the draft Labour Act … Thursday morning, several schools Toulouse are blocked by students. Whether the Arena at Berthelot or Saint-Sernin, blocks were set up as part of the mobilization against the El Khomri Act, which is to change the working practices […]

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Another demonstration is called for in laval on saturday against the Proposed Labour Law

Laval: New demonstration Against Labour Law on Saturday

Three days after the demonstration of school and university students, five trade unions are calling for a second demonstration, Town Hall Square in Laval. Three days after the first demonstration event of school and university students in Laval, which gathered over a thousand people, five trade unions call again for a demonstration this Saturday, the 12th […]

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