Ile-de-France. Heatwave: Civil Protection distributes water in train station

Ile-de-France. Heatwave: Civil Protection distributes water in train stations

Heat wave: from today, the Civil Protection will distribute water in the stations of Paris. It will launch a similar operation tomorrow, June 26, in Versailles (Yvelines). Here we are. The heat is well established in Yvelines and a large part of the country. Tomorrow, Wednesday 26th June, the thermometer should exceed 34 ° C. Faced with the situation, the Civil Protection decided […]

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A tourist from Japan died Wednesday, February 20, while she was having lunch in a porch restaurant of the castle of Versailles (Yvelines).

Yvelines: A Japanese Tourist Dies While Having Lunch in a Restaurant in Versailles

A tourist, originally from Japan, died this Wednesday 20th February, while she was having lunch in a restaurant, Versailles (Yvelines). A 71-year-old Japanese tourist died on Wednesday 20th February, in Versailles , Yvelines . She was in a restaurant near the castle when she was sick, around 1.40pm. Firefighters responded quickly. They tried to revive her, to no avail. It seems that the tourist was suffering […]

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The demonstration of Yellow Vests Saturday, December 22 at Versailles (Yvelines) will take place on the Avenue de Paris, between the town hall and grants.

Yvelines: Versailles Prepares for Act VI of the Yellow Vests

After a call launched on Facebook by Eric Drouet, one of the leaders of Yellow Vests, Act VI of the event will take place in Versailles (Yvelines), this Saturday 22nd December How many will they be? That’s the whole question! Versailles, prefecture of Yvelines , is preparing in any case to host the act VI of the demonstration of yellow vests,  this Saturday 22nd December  […]

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To receive Vladimir Poutine, Emmanuel Macron has chosen the very royal setting of the Grand Trianon, elegant neighbor palace of Versailles,

Macron will Receive Putin on Monday in Versailles, after G7

The new French president Emmanuel Macron will receive on Monday the day after the G7 summit, Vladimir Poutine, a man he castigates the “values” but that he knows must dialogue. Russia hopes that from the meeting, scheduled in Versailles near Paris, to get out of its isolation, according to analysts. Emmanuel Macron, which will make its […]

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A young woman avoided being raped on Paris train by intervention of another passenger

Versailles: Rape Avoided on Train Through the Intervention of a Passenger

In this case, two Afghans, 21 and 45, were indicted and imprisoned for attempted rape. The third assailant remains at large … A young woman narrowly escaped a rape on a train in Paris – Dreux (Eure-et-Loir) through the intervention of a fellow passenger.  The events date back to December 9, although has only been reported today […]

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