Versailles: Rape Avoided on Train Through the Intervention of a Passenger

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A young woman avoided being raped on Paris train by intervention of another passenger

In this case, two Afghans, 21 and 45, were indicted and imprisoned for attempted rape. The third assailant remains at large …

A young woman narrowly escaped a rape on a train in Paris – Dreux (Eure-et-Loir) through the intervention of a fellow passenger.  The events date back to December 9, although has only been reported today by  Le Parisien on Thursday, January 7th. That night, Cindy, who works in a supermarket in Versailles  (Yvelines), gets into a carriage of the train. The train is empty, except for a dozen Afghans, who boarded the train at the Gare Montparnasse.

The traveller arrives at the right time

Quickly, the young woman of 28 finds herself harassed by three members of the group.  She quickly changes places but the trio follows.  One of the men begins to indulge touching and another starts strangling her by tightening her scarf. The third meanwhile takes out a knife and approaches her face. The young woman, terrorized, is also gradually undressed.

But the three men did not go further, as a fellow passenger suddenly arrived on the scene and did not hesitate to intervene.  He manages to get the young woman off the train at the station Houdan (Yvelines) where she takes refuge in a restaurant.  She was off work for ten days since the attack.

The third assailant is still at large

The transport police were able to identify the three men through images of video surveillance. Two Afghans aged 21 and 45, were arrested, indicted on the 19th December for attempted rape and imprisoned. They shared a room in a home for migrants. They deny having committed the sexual assault, but the woman has formally identified them.

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