A shootout erupted at around 9pm on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

Attacks Against Police on the Champs-Elysees: What we Know

Gunshots rang out on Thursday night, around 9pm, on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. A police car was attacked. One policeman was killed and two others were seriously injured. A passerby was slightly injured. The attacker was shot in retaliation. A shootout erupted on the famous Champs-Elysees in Paris on Thursday evening, around 9pm, three days […]

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All the Champs Elysees area is cordoned off after shooting

Shooting on the Champs-Elysees: Attack Claimed by Daech

Gunshots were reported Thursday evening, around 9pm, on the Champs-Elysees, three policemen were hit, one of them died. The attacker was shot. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State. Gunshots were fired on Thursday night on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Police were targeted by gunfire around 9pm. A policeman was killed and two others wounded, […]

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The suspects arrested in Marseille were planning to carry out an attack against a candidate in the presidential election.

Attack “imminent” foiled. What we know

Two men were arrested in Marseille on Tuesday on suspicion of planning an “imminent” attack in France. During the searches conducted in the apartment rented by the suspects, firearms and a large quantity of explosives were found. One of the eleven candidates in the presidential election was certainly a potential target of the failed attack. […]

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Foiled attack in Marseille, two people arrested

Foiled attack: Two men Arrested, Firearms and Explosives Found

Five days before the presidential election, two men of 23 and 29, suspected of planning an “imminent” attack on French soil were arrested in Marseille. Firearms and equipment used in the manufacture of explosives were found during the search of their apartment. Two men aged 23 and 29, suspected of preparing an “imminent” attack were arrested on […]

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French Police Foil ‘Imminent’ Terror Attack 1

French Police Foil ‘Imminent’ Terror Attack

Two ‘radicalised’ men have been arrested in Marseille, planning an ‘imminent and violent’ attack amid the French presidential election, police said. Both men have French nationality and were born in 1987 and 1993. They were apprehended in the southern port city of Marseille this morning, France’s interior minister, Matthias Fekl said. Matthias Fekl told a brief news conference that […]

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Enhanced security around the churches in France this Christmas

Enhanced Security Around Churches for Christmas

TERRORISM: The threat of an attack for one of the biggest Christian holidays still looms … After the bombing of Berlin, vigilance is still up a notch in France. The announcement on Friday of a foiled attack in Australia on Christmas day adds a little particularly tense. This year, the churches will be particularly monitored for […]

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State of Emergency to be extended until July 2017

The Government wants to Extend the State of Emergency until 15 July, after the Elections

SAFETY: At the Council of exceptional ministers on Saturday, the government proposed to extend the state of emergency … A strong first act for the new prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve. The Council of Ministers adopted on Saturday before consideration in Parliament, the bill extending until the 15th July 2017 the state of emergency. The latter […]

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260 people have been arrested in France for terrorism offences

Terrorism: 260 People have been Arrested since the Beginning of the Year

SECURITY: The terrorism threat remains “extremely high” and “maximum vigilance” is necessary … The anti-terrorist operations have increased since the beginning of the year. “260 people in connection with terrorist activity or terrorist operations were detained,” said Bernard Cazeneuve in an interview with the daily La Presse de la Mancha . “Currently, 689 French or ordinarily resident […]

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An Ex-terrorist on the run in the Mayenne department of France

Mayenne: Terrorist, Under House Arrest in Evron, Goes on the Run

Imprisoned in 2002 for terrorism in France, released in 2011, Merouane Benahmed had been under house arrest in Evron (Mayenne). The security forces are looking for him. He has fled. Merouane Benahmed, 43 is a former member of the GIA, the Armed Islamic Group.  He fled Algeria in 1999. In France, the former terrorist was […]

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Paris: Six Gas Cylinders Found in a Car near Notre Dame 2

Paris: Six Gas Cylinders Found in a Car near Notre Dame

An abandoned car was found on the night of Saturday to Sunday, near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with six gas cylinders inside. According to Reuters, the owner, was arrested. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a car was found near the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, “free of any occupant as […]

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