The Government wants to Extend the State of Emergency until 15 July, after the Elections

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State of Emergency to be extended until July 2017

SAFETY: At the Council of exceptional ministers on Saturday, the government proposed to extend the state of emergency …

A strong first act for the new prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve. The Council of Ministers adopted on Saturday before consideration in Parliament, the bill extending until the 15th July 2017 the state of emergency. The latter was set up after the attacks of 13th November, to “embrace the whole electoral process” of the presidential and legislative elections.

The elections, “an attack risk environment”

The government will “ask parliament to extend the state of emergency for another seven months, until the 15th July precisely,” said Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, following the Council. “In the months ahead of us, our country has an important appointment with the democratic presidential and legislative elections next spring,” he recalled in the courtyard of the Elysee Palace, surrounded by ministers of Interior, Bruno Le Roux, and Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas.

“This campaign period, which will naturally be marked by numerous public meetings and gatherings, can unfortunately also be an increased risk of attack context for those who want to strike at the heart of our democratic values ​​and our republican principles” set guard the former Interior Minister. “It is therefore necessary for government eyes to cover the full period of the elections,” said Bernard Cazeneuve.

“Secondly, placing the due date beyond the elections, we allow the President and Parliament that will come the next election to have time to assess the situation before deciding on a possible extension extra, “he said.

With the state of emergency, more than 500 arrests

The text should be debated Tuesday in the Assembly and the Senate Thursday. The state of emergency decreed by François Hollande November 13, 2015, was extended for four times by the Parliament, the last time after the bombing of July 14 in Nice. His lapse was automatic fifteen days after the resignation of the government of Manuel Valls. The bill passed Saturday establishes an exception to that provision for the coming election. The presidential election is the program April 23 and May 7, 2017, legislation on 11 and 18 June

According to Bernard Cazeneuve, the state of emergency was “amply demonstrated its efficiency” with “4194 searches, over 517 arrests, 434 custody and seized nearly 600 weapons including 77 military weapons.” “Since the beginning of 2016, 17 attacks were foiled, 420 individuals in connection with a terrorist organization were arrested on our soil,” he listed.

“700 French or residents in France are usually present in Syria-Iraq zone and in total, counting those in transit, return or having starting inclinations, more than 2,000 are involved in these sectors jihadists. 222 have already died in the zone in Syria or Iraq, “also said the head of government.

The Cabinet also authorized Bernard Cazeneuve to engage the responsibility of his government to the National Assembly on the policy statement he will deliver on Tuesday at 15:00.

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