Terrorism: 260 People have been Arrested since the Beginning of the Year

General News
260 people have been arrested in France for terrorism offences

SECURITY: The terrorism threat remains “extremely high” and “maximum vigilance” is necessary …

The anti-terrorist operations have increased since the beginning of the year. “260 people in connection with terrorist activity or terrorist operations were detained,” said Bernard Cazeneuve in an interview with the daily La Presse de la Mancha .

“Currently, 689 French or ordinarily resident in France are currently present in the theatre of terrorist operations in Syria and Iraq ,” said the interior minister.

Fewer candidates for jihad

“We found, in the first half of this year, a net decrease in arrivals area of: 18, four times less than in the previous six months” and “parallel compaction detected Returns: 12 only the first half of 2016, against 25 in the previous six months, “says the Minister of the Interior.

“The strengthening of our legal arsenal, the administrative measures we have taken for over the last year so bear fruit, and the actions of our services and our cooperative efforts with European and Turkish services,” explains Bernard Cazeneuve . For him, this decline was also “probably by setbacks in Iraq and Syria by Daesh. ”

But the minister said that “the threat is nevertheless extremely high, and our vigilance remains at maximum. “Plagued by an unprecedented terrorist threat for a year and a half, France suffered this summer two attacks claimed by the jihadist Islamic State organization (IS) .

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