Paris: Six Gas Cylinders Found in a Car near Notre Dame

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Paris: Six Gas Cylinders Found in a Car near Notre Dame 1

An abandoned car was found on the night of Saturday to Sunday, near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with six gas cylinders inside. According to Reuters, the owner, was arrested.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a car was found near the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, “free of any occupant as abandoned” . Inside, six gas cylinders were discovered, reports Le Figaro .

The vehicle, a Peugot 607 and without license plates was parked at Quai de Montebello, in the fifth arrondissement.

The owner  of the car, was arrested, said today, Wednesday from several sources police.

The owner arrested

“The owner, was identified, arrested and taken into custody,” said one of these sources, that documents in Arabic were found on the front passenger seat of the car. A member of his entourage was also taken into custody.

“We think he tried to do a trial run”, Said the same source. The fact that there was no triggering device connected to the gas cylinders and the car’s hazard lights were left on for “as to attract attention” , according to another police source, appears to this stage confirm this thesis.

The Anti-Terrorism Section of the Criminal Division and DGSI (Direction générale de sécurité intérieure) have fully opened the investigation.

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