Five refineries out of eight have stopped or in the process of stopping against the Labour Law

Five Refineries in Eight Stopped or Being Stopped, said the CGT

STRIKE: These five refineries are on strike, stopped or being stopped, said Emmanuel Lepine, responsible for the oil branch of the CGT … The movement against the El Khomri Labour Law, hardens a little more. The members of CGT in the oil refineries have today been called on  “that refineries stop their petroleum facilities” through Emmanuel Lepine, […]

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Dockers are on strike at the ferry terminals of Le Havre, Cherbourg and Ouistreham

Dockers on strike in Le Havre, Cherbourg and Ouistreham

Dockers Ouistreham, Cherbourg and Le havre could renew their motion from Tuesday and harden leaving no access to the car ferries. All day and until 11.20pm, Thursday 19 May, the dockers of the Brittany Ferries terminal at Ouistreham block access to car ferries for all trucks carrying cargo. They mobilized against the forced passage of […]

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The Rail strike could start with disturbances on the SNCF network from Monday evening

Strike at SNCF. Disturbances from 7 pm Monday

The social movement wanted all the unions to start the strike from Monday night. The strike organized for tomorrow, across the SNCF rail network, on Tuesday 26th April at the call of the rail unions to “weigh” on the ongoing negotiations on working conditions.  This call is for a short strike from Monday 25th April at […]

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There will be disruptions to the transport services in Nantes today due to strike action

Nantes: Very Large Transportation Disruptions Thursday

Reinflate the tires on your bike or do you buy good shoes. Due to a national strike to protest against the new proposed Labour Bill, public transport in Nantes will be severely disrupted on Thursday. First, according to Semitan, one third of the operating crew will be on strike.  Consequently, the service will be provided (though it […]

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Taxi strike in Paris turns violent with 19 protestors arrested

Taxi strike: Angry drivers arrested at Orly and Porte Maillot

Protesting against the competition of passenger vehicles with drivers (VTC), taxis blocked the Ring Road, this Tuesday morning… Tyres on fire and the CRS copiously sprinkled with various projectiles.  Striking taxi drivers blocked on Tuesday morning during an hour, the Paris ring road up to the Porte Maillot in protest against the “unfair” competition, according […]

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Day of Strikes: Schools, Taxis, Air Traffic Controllers ... 1

Day of Strikes: Schools, Taxis, Air Traffic Controllers …

the l Closed doors at school, at the nursery or in the canteen, air traffic disrupted traffic blocked by taxis and angry protests: he’ll have to learn and well organized, this Tuesday, January 26, especially in large cities. For it is a day of mobilization on many fronts Nurseries, schools and colleges disturbed At the […]

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