Labour Law: The procession of Demonstrators Rushed to Paris

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National Day of protest against the Labour law in Paris

Opponents of the Labour Law, gathered on Tuesday for a national demonstration in Paris, marching began around 1.30pm

Firecrackers, smoke bombs and horns … The dense crowd of protesters against the labour law, started the march from the Place d’Italie (thirteenth arrondissement) in Paris to lead up to the Invalides (VII).  At the head of the march was a placard behind placard proclaiming  “for the removal. For new rights “ relating to the removal of the labour Law.

Leading the procession, the unions of the CGT and Sud, with their flags flying everywhere. In the front of the procession there were thousands of young people marching, some wearing helmets, balaclavas, masks.  In front stood hundreds of from the CRS, anti-riot security forces, visors descended, armed with shields.

“The pressure is maintained”

This great demonstration is for the rejection of the bill of Myriam El Khomri, or also known as the labour law.  Many provincial joined the protesters in the Ile-de-France.  As Frances and Joelle, come from Bordeaux by train, both CGT activists who work in the health sector.  “A demonstration in Paris against the law El Khomri, it was worth it!” Says Joëlle finishing his sandwich. ” It is a collective pledge, a very symbolic show of force. This law, is no good!  But if they change Article 2,  there will then be a way to open the discussion”. “No breathlessness”, ” pressure is maintained ” .  Before the start of the procession, the large numbers of protestors against the Labour Law have once again shown their determination.

Resume dialogue

“Our determination remains intact. We need the government to stop its obstinacy and hear the claims and those challenging the legislation “;  He “has a great responsibility in what happens for three and a half months”, told Philippe Martinez, CGT leader at the forefront of the protest, the day after the arrival in the Senate of the Bill. For his part Jean-Claude Mailly (FO) questioned “listening” presumed the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri: “is that it is a dialogue of primer or comm ‘? I do not know the answer “.

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