Nearly 160 Petrol Stations Out of Fuel

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Fuel shortages at 160 petrol stations

Between cars that consume in plugs and refinery blockages, some stations are running out of fuel.

Seven refineries out of eight are blocked on Tuesday 10th December, announces the CGT Chimie, to protest the pension reform .

At the same time, the French, victims of the transport strike, took the roads of assaults and the cars circulate bumper against bumper. The ingredients are brought together to cause difficulties in fuel supply.

Shortly before noon, 158 stations in France were out of order, 372 partially broken, according to the application My essence, which offers a map updated in real time .

No panic

The most affected areas are located in the West, particularly near the coast of Finistère and Pays de la Loire , in Île-de-France, around Lyon and near Marseille.

However, the Ministry of Ecological Transition is reassuring and ensures that the level of stocks in oil depots is good and does not cause any concern. It is not necessary to fill a tank if one does not intend to make immediate use of his vehicle, insists the ministry. The “full precautions” are of no use […] and can however contribute to creating points of tension on some service stations.

The distribution is based on 200 warehouses spread over the territory. For the moment, none of these deposits is blocked, despite an attempt in the Var this morning.

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