SNCF, Air France, Rubbish Removal … Update on Strikes

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Update on the strikes affecting France against the Labour Law

Manuel Valls was particularly frustrated, calling the strike at the SNCF “incomprehensible” …

Has the government manage to turn off the social unrest?  Two days before the European Football Championships, the outcome seems still seem to be found, as strikes at the SNCF, in refineries, waste facilities and events are coming on Wednesday.

The strike at the SNCF continues

Appeals for François Hollande to stop the strike at the SNCF, today the main battlefield against the labour law, have not been heard, nor those of Manuel Valls who described it as “incomprehensible”.

The direction of the station lived in the morning still 8.3% of strikers across all personnel, including a high proportion of drivers. The traffic remained disrupted, with a slight improvement since 80% of TGV and Intercity six out of ten circulating. In Ile-de-France, always a Transilien and RER on two.


The movement that began eight days ago was renewed on Wednesday, despite a draft agreement on working time devoting maintaining current internal rules (RTT rest) and enhancing other (night work).

Noting the “torn improvements,” the CGT railway, the first union in the railway company, gave no slogan. For their part, SUD-rail (third) and FO (unrepresentative) called for further movement. Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, announced signing the draft agreement to SNCF.

The garbage accumulates, refineries still slow

In the capital, in some districts, garbage is not collected for days. The top three in the Paris region treatment sites were blocked Wednesday morning as the incinerator at Fos-sur-Mer that handles garbage in Marseille and two in Ariege.

Strikes also continued in the industrial area of Le Havre and the three Total refineries, including that of Feyzin (Rhône) that management had announced the end of the strike movement that began there more than two weeks ago. Actions are announced for Thursday in energy and the ports.

The CGT refuses to see a slowdown in the protest that started three months ago and no longer has the public support, according to the latest poll. The union announced further protests on Wednesday and Thursday, before a national demonstration in Paris on June 14 at the call of the seven unions opposed to the bill of Myriam El Khomri (CGT, Solidaires, FSU, UNEF, Fidl, UNL) .

Air France also striking pilots

For other reasons, a pilot strike is also planned at Air France from 11th June to the 14th June.  It would, according to Laurent Berger, create “a very bad image” or could be  “endangering the company.”

The union-management negotiations were to resume on Wednesday at 2pm after talks which continued late into the night.

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