Conflict at Air France: New Strikes in “Early May”, According to the Unions

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Conflict at Air France, as Unions announce more strike action for "Early May"

The Unions at Air France announced on Thursday 19th April, new strike days in “early May” to support its wage demands.

The Air France union has called Thursday, April 19 the mobilization of employees to “accentuate” to support their wage demands and announced new strike days “early May”, without giving a date.

After nine days of strike since February, the last two Tuesday and Wednesday, and while two others are already scheduled next Monday and Tuesday, the inter-union said in a statement that “the days of strikes scheduled for early May” would be announced next week .

“Our action begins to bear fruit, we must persevere. Mobilisation must therefore increase further.”

After three days of negotiations, Air France has put on the table a draft final agreement on Monday, subject to signature until Friday, providing for a 2% increase immediately and a 5% increase over the 2019-2021 period.

His proposal before the start of the strikes was 1% in two stages for 2018.

This agreement “will not get the support” of a majority of unions, warns the representative of all the unions. She denounces a “management manoeuvre, which seeks to amputate the increases of future years by making believe in a catch-up of the last six years of blockage.”

Strike valued at 220 million by management

The union, which initially claimed 6% increase in inflation over the period 2012-2018, had made a proposal revised down Monday to 5.1% in two stages (+ 3.8% in April and + 1.3% in October).

The management “refused” this proposal “which would have allowed an exit of conflict”, underlines the union.

On Monday evening, the FO union had already lamented that the management rejected the “extended hand” of the inter-union.

On Wednesday, Air France, which estimates at 220 million euros the cost of the nine days of strike so far, has had to cancel 30% of its flights, like Tuesday.

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