SNCF Strike: 50% of TGV, TER and Transilien will Operate on Wednesday

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Traffic will still be disrupted at the SNCF on May 9, 2018, for the 16th day of strike since early April against the railway reform.

Wednesday is the 16th day of the railway workers strike at the SNCF. Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate. Traffic forecasts.

Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate Wednesday, during the 16th day of strike at SNCF against the railway reform , according to management traffic forecasts published Tuesday.

There will be one in three Intercity trains, the management said in a statement. In Ile-de-France, traffic will be normal on the RER A, while there will be one train out of two for the RER B and one train out of three for the RER C. At international level, there will be an average of train on two, with traffic “almost normal” for Eurostar and Thalys.

Compared to the forecast for Tuesday’s strike (15th day), traffic will be down for TGVs, Transilien and internationally, up for Intercités trains and stable for TER.

Ninth strike sequence Saturday

These two days of strike (Tuesday and Wednesday) form the eighth episode of the dotted mobilization conducted since early April by CGT unions, Unsa and CFDT SNCF against the government project of railway reform. SUD-Rail, another representative organization within the public group, has also issued an unlimited strike notice.

The trio CGT-Unsa-CFDT has already filed its notice for the ninth strike sequence, which begins Saturday at 8pm and ends next Tuesday at 7.55am.

The unions, which were received Monday at Matignon by the Prime Minister , are scheduled to meet Wednesday evening at the headquarters of the CGT in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) to decide on the consequences of the movement, while Philippe remained firm on the main principles of its reform, granting only to unions the possibility of proposing amendments to “finalize” the bill before its examination in the Senate at the end of May.

“The strike continues”

“For us, clearly, the strike continues,” said Laurent Brun, general secretary of the CGT Cheminots (1st union at the SNCF), on leaving Matignon. Later on franceinfo , he said that during the inter-union meeting, “we will probably have a small proposal for a new initiative by the trade unions to shake things up a bit”.

“The government stays straight in its boots on the heart of its project, so we will have to jostle a little on the heart of his project.”

The Unsa Rail (2nd union) said in a statement that it will “bring amendments”, but “the deadline will be very short” and “everything suggests that the government plays the clock.”

SUD-Rail (3rd union) put in a statement “the question of the hardening of the strike and its continuity until the withdrawal” of the project. “The government alone will be responsible for the blockage,” says SUD-Rail.

The CFDT Cheminots (4th union), with its strategy of “mobilization and proposal”, will continue the strike and will file “about forty amendments” for the consideration of the text in the Senate.

The Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne, will receive the unions who wish it Friday.

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