Strike of December 10th: The Day of Mobilisation Throughout France

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This Tuesday, December 10, at the call of the inter-union, the strike continues and many demonstrations are planned throughout the country against the pension reform.

This Tuesday 10th December, at the call of the unions, the strike continues and many demonstrations are planned throughout the country against the pension reform.

Transport very disturbed for the sixth consecutive day, strikes and demonstrations everywhere in France : after the strong mobilization of December 5th, 2019, the unions opposed to the pension reform put the pressure Tuesday 10 on the government, before it reveals Wednesday the detail of his project.

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  • Who is concerned ?  At RATP, 10 metro lines will be closed. At the SNCF, only 20% of the TGV and Transilien will be able to circulate, and some 25% of the domestic flights and 10% of the airmail means of Air France are cancelled. Strikes also in the fuel sector. The reception of children in schools and nurseries will also be disturbed again.
  • What mobilization this Tuesday? In the street, the unions CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires and several youth organizations hope to make a new show of force, after the 800 000 demonstrators recorded the 5 in all France by the Ministry of the Interior (1.5 million according to the CGT).
  • Will this movement last? An inter-union will be held on Tuesday evening after the Paris demonstration scheduled from 13:30 between Invalides and Denfert-Rochereau, and a new day of mobilization Thursday is “already in reflection,” according to the CGT and FO.
  • What do the opponents want? Bring the government to give up the idea of ​​putting in place a “universal system” that is supposed to replace the 42 existing regimes and be “fairer”.
  • What does the government say? Edouard Philippe’s Prime Minister will unveil the pension reform project on Wednesday.

Follow the day in real-time

5.30pm. 180,000 demonstrators in Paris according to Force Ouvrière
The union Force Ouvrière announces the figure of 180,000 participants in the Paris demonstration on Tuesday, against 250,000 last week.

5.20pm. SNCF traffic still disrupted Both
at SNCF and RATP, the strike continues for the 7th day of strike Wednesday, December 11th. To predict 1 TGV on 4, 1 Ouigo out of 6 and 3 TER out of 10 in circulation.

5:15 p.m.. No improvement in transport Ile-de-France Wednesday
The forecasts for the circulation of metros, RER and Transilien fell for Wednesday, December 11. No improvement is expected when the Prime Minister is to unveil the measures of the pension reform that day.

5pm. Some tensions in Paris
In the capital, some tensions arise with people from the moving Black Block.

The lion of the Denfert-Rochereau square has been tagged.

4:40 p.m.. In Nantes, it’s time for a second round
While union leaders have declared the end of the mobilisation in Nantes, some leave for a second round of the course. Some tear gas was fired by the police.

4.30pm. Arrival of the demonstration in Toulouse
In Toulouse, where 12,000 demonstrators were counted according to a new count, this time emanating from the prefecture, the procession arrived at the war memorial, the arrival point where a large police device is deployed.

4:20 p.m.. Tensions in Lille
The tension rises in Lille between the police and some of the protesters. Some call for a wild protest.

4:15 p.m.. In Paris, the head of the procession arrives at Denfert-Rochereau
In Paris, the processional head arrives at Denfert-Rochereau, the expected arrival point of the demonstration. The CRS are there to welcome the protesters.

4pm. In Toulouse, from 20,000 to 60,000 protesters in Toulouse
The figures fall in the Rose City, where the demonstration began nearly 2 hours ago: they would be 60 000 to walk according to the unions, 20 000 according to police.

3.45 pm. The situation tends to Lille
Lille, rogues attacked the window of a bank street National. The police used gas. Other degradations enamel the course

3:15 p.m.. Parade in the calm in Paris but with less protesters than the 5
party of place Vauban with a little delay, the parade in Paris now passes quietly on the boulevard des Invalides. “There are fewer people,” conceded Philippe Martinez, the secretary general of the CGT.

3pm. In Lyon, from 9,500 to 19,000 demonstrators
In Lyon, we diverge on the figures at the end of the event: 9,500 people according to the prefecture, 19,000 according to the CGT …

2.45pm. Beginning of the protest in Lille
The procession, quite important according to the editorial staff of Lille Actu, went to Lille.

2.35 pm. 5.8% of strikers at midday
According to Secretary of State Olivier Dussopt, the participation in the strike against the pension reform reached 5.8% in the public service at midday Tuesday, against 21% at mobilization on December 5 at the same time. The state civil service (which includes teachers) had 10.02% strikers (32% on Thursday 5 at the same time).

2.25 pm. Protesters gassed in Lyon
On arrival at the Place Bellecour in Lyon, after the demonstration, the demonstrators were fired tear gas and LBD

2.20 pm. Personal hospitals, Airbus, railway workers … many mobilized sectors in Toulouse
Many professions are represented in the demonstration in Toulouse against the pension reform.

2.15pm. Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the Paris demonstration
After marching in Marseille Thursday, December 5, the insubordinate leader of France participated in the Paris demonstration on Tuesday.

2pm. Students and high school students head procession in Paris
In the Paris demonstration part of the Invalides, students and high school students are leading the procession, as Thursday 5th December, 2019. The agents of the SNCF and the RATP are also many to have taken the march direction Denfert-Rochereau square.

1.30pm. A few thousand demonstrators in Normandy, Brittany …
Between 1700 and 2000 demonstrators in the streets of Dieppe, about 1000 in Vannes, Lens and Lisieux, several thousand in Lyon and Bayonne ,

1pm. Mobilization down on Tuesday
The first figures released by the police and the prefectures concerning the morning demonstrations showed a mobilization down sharply: 6400 people in Montpellier against 20 000 last Thursday, 5500 against 13 000 in Rouen, 5000 against 10 500 in Tours or 2500 against 5000 in Beziers.

12.40pm. 24.7% strikers at the SNCF
In a statement published at 12:30, the SNCF announces that the rate of strikers among its staff is 24.7% at midday. In detail, 77.3% of drivers are on strike, 55.4% of controllers and 23.9% of controllers.

12.15pm. Several police unions call for mobilization
The police, at the call of their unions (Alliance, UnsaPolice, UnitSGPPolice), are called to gather Wednesday 11th December 2019 before the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, where Edouard Philippe must present the pension reform project.

12 midday. The situation tends to Rouen

11.15am. The processions throughout the country

In Caen:




10.10am. How the government tries to put the pill
The pension reform is considered “essential” by Emmanuel Macron . The executive is trying to squeeze the ranks of the majority.

9.50am. The bus network disturbed in Rennes

In Rennes, the public transport network announces disturbances, between 11am and 2pm, on the occasion of the parade in the city centre. On the campus of Villejean, fire trash launched the day at the university, said a reporter of  20 minutes .

9.45am. Traffic delays in Lyon

Traffic is very dense in the Lyon area. Nearly 80 kilometres of traffic jams were recorded early in the morning.

9.35am. In Lens, the parade is launched

In the Pas-de-Calais, the parade parades through the streets of Lens. The CGT announces more than 2000 participants, according to our journalist on the spot.

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