Ryanair: Several Flights Cancelled in Portugal due to Cabin Crew Strike

Several flights of Ryanair cancelled in Portugal due to strike action

TRANSPORT: The National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) has advanced the number to at least 16 cancelled Ryanair flights

Several flights of the airline Ryanair were cancelled Friday because of a strike of the cabin crew based in Portugal. These claim a collective labour contract framed by the national law. The importance of the movement has obviously not been analyzed in the same way by the unions or the management. According to a spokesman for the Irish low-cost company, the social movement is only followed by a “small minority” of employees. On the other hand, at least 16 cancelled flights have been announced and the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC), which represents some 350 hostesses and stewards based in Portugal, has welcomed the fact that to the movement exceeds 90%.

Branch employees called to replace strikers

However, “there are no more flights cancelled because Ryanair had already cancelled by informing passengers and because of the replacement of strikers by employees of Laudamotion”, the Austrian subsidiary of Ryanair, said the president of the union, Luciana Passo. “All affected customers had already been notified by email and text, and more than 90% had been bounced or refunded,” said the company.

An arbitration attempt arbitrated by the Portuguese government must take place in the coming days between Ryanair and its employees, said their union representative. The Portuguese union is also worried about cabin crew based in Faro, in the south of the country, where Ryanair is planning to fire 80 of its 120 employees.

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