The T1 tramway served from October 12, 2019 the station Asnieres - Quatre-Routes, its new terminus

Hauts-de-Seine. A New Station will Soon be Served by the T1 Tramway in Asnières-sur-Seine

Work on the extension of the T1 tramway to the west is progressing. A new station will soon be served in Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). Here’s when. And 196! The 196th  Île-de-France tramway station will soon be operational in Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). It is the first stage of the extension project of the T1 tramway to the west. Currently, the T1 connects Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis) to the Courtilles station in Asnieres, where a connection with […]

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Bordeaux station evacuated after bomb threat

Bordeaux: Saint-Jean Station Evacuated Following a Bomb Threat, Traffic Completely Disrupted

This Monday 10th June 2019, all travellers were evacuated from the station Saint-Jean de Bordeaux for one hour. The reason? A disturbing phone call … On Pentecost Monday, the Saint Jean station was evacuated for over an hour following a threatening phone call . The police intervened Around 4 pm, all the travellers were asked to go out and take refuge […]

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The station in Nantes evacuated due to a suspicious package

Nantes: The Station Evacuated due to Suspicious Package

Nantes train station was evacuated on Friday because of a suspicious package. Rail traffic was blocked. This Friday, shortly before 8pm, Nantes station was evacuated because of a suspicious package found in the lobby. Rail traffic was blocked and trains have delays of about thirty minutes. At just after 8pm, a specialist team from the […]

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A suspicious package at the airport tram stop in Toulouse

Toulouse: A Suspicious Package in Front of the Airport Station Cuts Trams

By late afternoon, Friday 20th October, 2017, line 2 of the tram in Toulouse was interrupted because of an “intervention of the security forces” at the airport station. Friday 20th October, 2017, late in the afternoon, the presence of some abondoned luggage on the station of line 2 of the tram at the airport at […]

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No trains from rennes station this weekend due to work

Rennes. No trains at the Station for 24 Hours this Weekend

Due to work, rail traffic in Rennes station will again be interrupted from Saturday to Sunday. Buses will replace TGV and TER. For the second consecutive weekend, rail traffic will be totally discontinued in Rennes station from Saturday 1 pm to Sunday 1.30pm.  No TGV or TER will leave or arrive at the station during these 24 […]

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A young woman avoided being raped on Paris train by intervention of another passenger

Versailles: Rape Avoided on Train Through the Intervention of a Passenger

In this case, two Afghans, 21 and 45, were indicted and imprisoned for attempted rape. The third assailant remains at large … A young woman narrowly escaped a rape on a train in Paris – Dreux (Eure-et-Loir) through the intervention of a fellow passenger.  The events date back to December 9, although has only been reported today […]

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Selena Gomez hustled upon arrival at Paris

Selena Gomez Hustled at Gare du Nord in Paris …

Selena Gomez at rush hour Selena Gomez who last Friday, experienced a hectic arrival in Paris, after arriving from London by Eurostar at the Gare du Nord station in Paris has released a message to her fans and the French people after there was a stampede when she arrived.  She was hurriedly rushed away from the station, […]

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