Bordeaux: Saint-Jean Station Evacuated Following a Bomb Threat, Traffic Completely Disrupted

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Bordeaux station evacuated after bomb threat

This Monday 10th June 2019, all travellers were evacuated from the station Saint-Jean de Bordeaux for one hour. The reason? A disturbing phone call …

On Pentecost Monday, the Saint Jean station was evacuated for over an hour following a threatening phone call .

The police intervened

Around 4 pm, all the travellers were asked to go out and take refuge outside so that the police pass the place with the fine comb, in search of a parcel or suspect individual.

On Twitter , a surfer reported a telephone conversation with his sister, stuck in a train at Langon (Gironde), which was part of a man who had threatened “to blow themselves up.”

A rumour that has not been confirmed by the SNCF for the moment. However, a suspicious phone call was given during the afternoon, reporting a threat to the bomb.

Travellers waiting at Bordeaux station for news after bomb threat
Travelers are waiting for information about their journey, at the station Saint-Jean. (© Actu Bordeaux – Manon Loubet)

Traffic has resumed

In the station, the SNCF communicated with the travellers while talking about a suspicious package but the police did not find anything abnormal on the spot. Neither the bomb nor the individual who made the call.

Interrupted for more than an hour, train traffic began to resume around 18 hours in a happy mess.

Overall, travellers have remained calm but some may well be forced to spend the night in Bordeaux this Monday …

At 6.15pm, all cancelled trains are not yet sure of being insured during the day. Others have been reprogrammed, but with a lot of delays…

Trains delayed at Bordeaux station following bomb threat
Trains will be very late. (© Actu Bordeaux – Manon Loubet),

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