Toulouse: A Suspicious Package in Front of the Airport Station Cuts Trams

Local News
A suspicious package at the airport tram stop in Toulouse

By late afternoon, Friday 20th October, 2017, line 2 of the tram in Toulouse was interrupted because of an “intervention of the security forces” at the airport station.

Friday 20th October, 2017, late in the afternoon, the presence of some abondoned luggage on the station of line 2 of the tram at the airport at the Toulouse Blagna airport led security forces to perform an intervention. The bomb squad were called to the scene. This alert does not result in an evacuation. The tram line L2 was interrupted until the end of the intervention of security forces.

Pending the  resumption of the service, Tisséo indicates that the bus line 45 is extended to the airport. A shuttle performs the connection between the station and the airport Ancely.

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