Samsung presents its foldable Galaxy Fold model in San Francisco on February 20, 2019.

Samsung Forced to Push Back the Release of its Foldable Smartphone

Samsung is forced to postpone the release of its brand new folding fold smartphone because of screen-level failures Hard blow for Samsung . The Korean giant had to resolve Monday, April 22, 2019 to postpone the release of Galaxy Fold folding smartphone for screen problems . The launch of this device, presented as a technological feat and proposed at nearly $ 2,000 in the United […]

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Apple could market more compact iPhone

iPhone: Apple could Propose a Smaller Model in 2020

RUMOURS: Apple is preparing to market a 5.42-inch, ultra-compact, edge-to-edge device with an OLED touchscreen If Apple plans to increase the size of embedded batteries in the future iPhone, the Apple brand plans at the same time to reduce the size of some screens. Thus, the three new iPhone that are expected in 2020 will be equipped with […]

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These connected trainers from Nike tighten themselves

Nike Launches Smartphone-Controlled Sport Trainers that Tighten on their Own

Available in the United States from February 17th, 2019, Nike new sports trainers tighten on their own and can be controlled with a smartphone. Back to the future II, you know? After the adventure of Marty Mc Fly in 1989, the dream comes true 30 years later! Nike has just introduced in New York its new model of connected trainers, the […]

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Netflix offering a special deal

Streaming: Netflix will Test a 50% Cheaper Offer on Mobile for a Month

SMARTPHONE: In an ever more competitive market, the global giant Netflix, is stepping up initiatives to maintain its leading position  Netflix is ​​testing in Malaysia and other countries a half-price subscription offer for mobile use. The goal: “to assess consumer interest to bid only on mobile phones,” said the giant streaming to Reuters  on Wednesday. In Malaysia, this new package would cost 17 […]

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The French spend an average of 326 Euros on smartphone

Smartphone: The French spend 326 euros on average to buy one

MOBILE: According to a survey of the UFC Que-Choisir, the French spend an average of 326 euros for the purchase of their smartphone … It almost never leaves our pocket. The  smartphone is everywhere, and to acquire one, users are willing to pay hundreds of euros. But how exactly? The “You and your smartphone” survey, conducted in February 2018 among […]

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The Razor phone will be available in France on November 17th

The Razer Phone is Official: a 120Hz Screen, 8GB of RAM and Stereo THX

MOBILE: Razer, the specialist in PC and peripherals for gamers just introduced the Razer Phone. A smartphone with a 120 Hz IPS screen … Earlier this year, Razer, the specialist in PC and peripherals for Gamers purchased Nextbit, a small manufacturer of smartphones to whom we owe the Robin. Result – as expected – a smartphone designed for […]

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The New Nokia 2, will be under 100 euros and last 2 days on one charge

The Nokia 2: A Smartphone Under 100 € with a Battery Life of 48 Hours

TECHNOLOGY: The Nokia 2, marketed by the Finnish company HDM Global, will arrive on the European market in mid-November. The Nokia 2, marketed by the Finnish company HDM Global, will arrive on the European market in mid-November. To differentiate from the ranks of cheap smartphones, the brand has put the emphasis on the battery life. After […]

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Apple will launch the iPhone 8 at an event on the 12th September

Apple will Introduce the iPhone 8 on 12th September in the Steve Jobs Amphitheater

TECHNOLOGY: The Californian giant has formalized the event for the launch of several new products including the Apple iPhone 8 … On Thursday, Apple formalized its keynote launch on the 12th September, which will be the first to be held at its new headquarters. The company should present its new iPhone at the Steve Jobs amphitheater at […]

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La Banque Postale is due to launch its mobile banking by mid 2018

La Banque Postale will Launch its Mobile Banking mid-2018

Personal Finance: La Banque Postale will launch between May and September 2018 its 100% digital library available on smartphone and tablet. The goal is to conquer more than one million mobile customers by 2025. La Banque Postale will launch mobile banking in mid-2018 while the competition is growing in this market and the subsidiary of […]

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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will be available in France from 16 september

iPhone 7 and 7 plus: Prices and Packages at Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free

Technology: The new iPhone available in France for preorder on Friday. Comparative Table of the main operators of France. Unveiled by Apple at its Keynote launch on Wednesday, 7th September, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in stores from Friday 16th September. With a new more powerful chip, a non mechanical home button, […]

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