iPhone 7 and 7 plus: Prices and Packages at Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free

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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will be available in France from 16 september

Technology: The new iPhone available in France for preorder on Friday. Comparative Table of the main operators of France.

Unveiled by Apple at its Keynote launch on Wednesday, 7th September, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in stores from Friday 16th September. With a new more powerful chip, a non mechanical home button, water resistance and dust resistance, losing the earphone jack and more advanced photo features , both models are renewing the standards of the range of smartphones from the Apple brand.

The iPhone 7 is available on the Apple site from 769 euros, a 32 GB version and up to 989 euros, with 256 GB of storage. The iPhone 7 Plus is in turn displayed from 909 euros in 32 GB and up to 1,129 euros with 256 GB internal memory. The prices are higher than in the US, where taxes are added at the checkout and differ according to the laws of the various States.

The prices also differ between operators offering the iPhone 7 between 739 and 769 euros and the 7 plus between 879 and 909 euros in their basic version. Before leaving to find one, here is a comparison of their prices based on packages offered by Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Sosh and B & You. Note that the iPhone 7 Plus is out of stock in most of them.

With commitment, Orange advantage

To realize the real impact of the different offers operators on your budget, remember to add the price of the smartphone package cost 24 month subscription . You then will determine the overall budget for your purchase and can choose knowingly. Also make sure to verify that the package you choose has a budget of sufficient Internet data (from 3 GB for regular media use) to enjoy the features of the new iPhone.

With a calibrated package for international , richly endowed with data Internet, Orange and Origami Jet package 30GB (69.99 euros a month) offer the iPhone in July 32 Go Go at a total cost of 1.929.66 euros, when the SFR offers to 2121.75 euros with a package to 20GB 79.99 euros and Bouygues to 2551.66 euros with a 40 GB package for 89.99 euros.

With a standard package, SFR is doing better and offers the iPhone in July 32 GB 1045.75 euros with a package 1 Go to 28.99 euros a month, before Orange (1339.66 euros with a package 2GB to 24.99 euros) and Bouygues (1471.66 euros with a 5 GB package for 34.99 euros per month). The balance of power is the same for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Red by SFR and Free more advantageous in low-cost

Among the low-cost telecom operators, the iPhone 7 returns to 1218.76 euros over 24 months with Sosh with the offer 5GB monthly at 19.99 euros (without commitment). Same price with Free Mobile, but with a mobile plan of 50GB of data for 19.99 euros per month. At B & You, it is proposed at 1488.76 euros with a 20 GB package for 29.99 euros per month.

The most interesting offer is located in Red by SFR , which offers the iPhone until September 22nd,  32 GB for 1108.87 euros over two years with a package of 5 GB of data for 10 euros per month for a year (then 19.99 euros). As usual, Red by SFR and Free Mobile offer the most attractive rates but their mobile network offers fewer guarantees than Bouygues Telecom or Orange.

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