iPhone: Apple could Propose a Smaller Model in 2020

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Apple could market more compact iPhone

RUMOURS: Apple is preparing to market a 5.42-inch, ultra-compact, edge-to-edge device with an OLED touchscreen

If Apple plans to increase the size of embedded batteries in the future iPhone, the Apple brand plans at the same time to reduce the size of some screens.

Thus, the three new iPhone that are expected in 2020 will be equipped with an OLED panel. Two of them could offer a rather conventional 6.06 and 6.67 inch screen size. But another model would have a screen of 5.42 inches, according to information from the Digitimes website , relayed this Tuesday by 01Net .

A more compact model

For the record, if the first model of Apple released in 2007 was 3.5 inches, the size of screens has never stopped increasing over time to reach 6.5 inches recently with the XS Max. This model of 5.42 inches would be smaller than the iPhone XS (5.8 inches), recalls 01Net.

However, Apple could still change its mind. Moreover, the Cupertino company will surely have to choose between a touch technology proposed by Samsung or LG, indicated the sources to Digitimes . Both solutions would lower the bill on the screen. But Samsung will hold the cord and is likely to remain Apple’s main supplier in 2020.

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