La Banque Postale will Launch its Mobile Banking mid-2018

La Banque Postale is due to launch its mobile banking by mid 2018

Personal Finance: La Banque Postale will launch between May and September 2018 its 100% digital library available on smartphone and tablet. The goal is to conquer more than one million mobile customers by 2025.

La Banque Postale will launch mobile banking in mid-2018 while the competition is growing in this market and the subsidiary of La Poste is aiming for over one million mobile customers by 2025, wrote on Monday in Les Echos newspaper on its website.

This 100% digital bank, whose launch is planned  between May and September 2018, will be designed from the outset to be available on smartphone or tablet and should be addressed in priority to a young urban clientele assets, said the business newspaper citing an internal document he could consult.

Goal ? 1 million mobile customers

To conquer a little over one million mobile customers  by 2025, La Banque Postale set including the  customer base of its remote banking agency La  Banque Postale home, according to Les Echos. Ultimately, it could  deliver more complex products such as life insurance or  mortgage lending.

A spokesman of La Banque Postale declined to comment on the information of Echoes. The president of Rémy Weber bank hides  not his ambition to launch a 100% digital bank and had  discussed the project last year at the presentation of the  annual results 2015.

La Banque Postale will present its 2016 results on the 27th of February. The online banking industry is at a time strategic development in France with the arrival next Orange Bank, which hopes to recruit two  million customers based on the portfolio of clients  mobile telecom operator .

Boursorama, a subsidiary of Société Générale and pioneer of online banking, now has a million customers in France and has should have two million by 2020.

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