Smartphone: The French spend 326 euros on average to buy one

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The French spend an average of 326 Euros on smartphone

MOBILE: According to a survey of the UFC Que-Choisir, the French spend an average of 326 euros for the purchase of their smartphone …

It almost never leaves our pocket. The  smartphone is everywhere, and to acquire one, users are willing to pay hundreds of euros.

But how exactly? The “You and your smartphone” survey, conducted in February 2018 among 4,224 subscribers to the UFC Que-Choisir newsletter , sought to identify the consumption habits of the French.

A budget according to the brand

According to the results, the average purchase price of a smartphone for consumers is 326 euros, with significant differences depending on the brand. To buy an Apple mobile, users are ready to pay 529 euros on average, against 344 for Samsung, 286 for Sony, and only 106 euros for Wiko.

According to the survey, price is the number one criterion that French people look at before buying a smartphone. They are then interested in the brand and the capacity of memory.

Huawei progressing

Huawei’s handsets sold better than in 2016. The brand has tripled its presence among smartphone owners, from 2% in 2016 to 7% in 2018, for an average price of 212 euros.

If the owners of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are satisfied with their experience as a user, Microsoft, Wiko and Nokia are disappointed. “Overall, satisfaction increases with the purchase price of the smartphone and decreases as the device ages,” says UFC Que-Choisir .

The battery life annoys

90% of smartphones are bought new. Consumers rely less and less on operator subsidies: 23% in 2018 versus 33% in 2016. To save money, 40% of them are ready to invest in a refurbished device.

44% of respondents said the battery was the main source of annoyance, before internal storage and frequent updates.

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