Rouen: Stopped by the Police Because Driving Too Fast, He Admits Having Drunk Fifteen Beers

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A man was arrested while driving on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 in Rouen. He had drunk fifteen beers before taking the road.

A driver was arrested in a state of alcoholism in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) Wednesday 10th April, 2019. Driving at a brisk pace, he attracted the attention of the police.

A man was arrested while driving in Rouen ( Seine-Maritime ) Wednesday 10th April, 2019 early morning, around 4.20am. Questioned by the police, he confessed to coming out of a well-watered evening.

A rate at 1.54 grams

Driving at a brisk pace at the wheel of his Mercedes, this 28-year-old driver caught the attention of patrolling policemen on Jacques-Cartier Avenue. The latter asked him to stop to control a little further, Avenue de Bretagne.

“The man presented all the papers in order, but made incoherent remarks,” says a judicial source. His glassy gaze foreshadowed more. It was tested positive for alcohol with a blood level of 1.54g / l, well above the legal limit. And for good reason: he told the police had drunk about fifteen beer at a friend before taking the road.

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