The Braderie of Rouen Free for Traders, Affected by the Movement of Yellow Vests

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The braderie in Rouen is free for traders affected by the yellow vests

The registration at the Rouen spring braderie will be exceptionally free for traders, announced the office of commerce

Commercial activity in the heart of Rouen has suffered on Saturdays in recent months, days of demonstration of the yellow vests. This, especially before the demonstrations are declared prohibited in the hyper-center by the prefecture of Seine-Maritime. In this context, in order to support the local economy, the Rouen Office of Commerce (Ocar) has decided that registration for the next spring sale, which will take place from 10 to 12 May 2019, free for participating merchants. 

Free, but mandatory registration

“Although the operation does not require payment, it is important to register officially to have the right to unpack,” says the Ocar, to the address of interested Rouen shopkeepers.  

The sale of Rouen, besides the large unpacking and the full of good deals, it is three days of animations for the onlookers (village of the children, thematic markets, musical wanderings, etc.). 

Federate and boost the trade of Rouen 

Created in 2016, the Ocar brings together retailers’ associations, local authorities and consular chambers. Its missions: to federate and promote the Rouen trade, through events (clearance sale, Christmas animations, shopkeepers’ welcome prices) and communication campaigns.

Practical information:
Spring sale of Rouen, Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2019.  
To register, you must send its information and contact details (sign, name, address, name of responsible, length of stand envisaged) to the [email protected] 
You can also download the registration form here . 

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