19 migrants were rescued Wednesday 5 June 2019 off Calais.

Calais: 19 Drifting Migrants Rescued off the Coast

The maritime gendarmerie of Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) has recovered on board a drifting boat 19 migrants Wednesday 5th June, 2019. They were in a very bad position when they were rescued. Wednesday 5th June 2019, the maritime gendarmerie of Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) has recovered on board a boat adrift 19 migrants. They were then taken care of by firefighters and the SAMU in […]

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A person was rescued from a ferry by helicopter at Le Havre

A Passenger Suffering from Pain Aboard a Ferry off Le Havre was Evacuated by Helicopter

On the night of August 3rd to 4th, 2018, a passenger aboard the Mont-Saint-Michel ferry complaining of stomach pain was evacuated by helicopter off Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) On the night of Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th August 2018, around midnight, the maritime prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea was warned by the Regional Operational […]

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Blanzac: Firefighters Save a Dog that Fell into a Well 1

Blanzac: Firefighters Save a Dog that Fell into a Well

RESCUE: Dog was rescued by firefighters after being trapped for 4 – 5 hours … On Friday night, Blanzac firefighters rescued a dog that had fell to the bottom of a well in Plassac-Rouffiac, near Blanzac. A ” speech full of emotion ,”  on the Sdis16 on their Facebook page , which has saved Ita, a female Rottweiler aged 4. […]

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A baby kitten was saved from drainage pipes in Nice

Nice: Thrown into the Toilet, a Kitten Recovered in the Drains

ANIMAL: Naiade was saved by the intervention of a neighbour, who had heard the desperate meowing small animal … On Friday, a kitten less than a month old, which was thrown into the toilet of a building in the centre of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) was saved in the drainage pipes. The Justice for animals (AJPLA), announced its intention to […]

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33 people have been rescued from a trapped cable car on the Mont Blanc

Mont-Blanc: The 33 People Trapped in a Cable Car, Rescued

The cables were uncrossed, the cable cars have been restarted at Mont Blanc … They spent all night hanging in the air. The 33 people blocked since Thursday afternoon in a gondola cable car of Mont Blanc, were finally able to reach the ground on Friday morning. The cable car has been unlocked. “It is left […]

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Firefighters in Rouen rescued several people from the Burning house

Rouen: Couple and their Baby Rescued from Fire

The fire started in a building in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016.  A couple and a baby were rescued by firefighters. Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016, at around 8.30pm, a fire broke out on rue de Paris, Rouen (Seine-Maritime), recounts Normandy-news , in a four-story building.  When the Fire fighters arrived there, they could see […]

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