Gulf of Morbihan: Two People Rescued with Hypothermia

Local News
Two men rescued from the sea suffering from Hypothermia in Morbihan

Two men aged 30 and 31 were recovered from hypothermia after their dinghy capsized south of the island of Arz, in the gulf of Morbihan …

Yesterday afternoon, around 3pm, two men aged 30 and 31 years old were rescued south of the island of Arz in the gulf of Morbihan, by firefighters.

Their dinghy had turned and they struggled for an hour to get out of the water. Witnesses on the coast alerted the emergency services who rapidly attended.

Both men were transported in a hypothermic state to the hospital at Vannes. “It was time to intervene,” says a firefighter that highlights their rapid deteriation in cold water.

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