Nice: Thrown into the Toilet, a Kitten Recovered in the Drains

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A baby kitten was saved from drainage pipes in Nice

ANIMAL: Naiade was saved by the intervention of a neighbour, who had heard the desperate meowing small animal …

On Friday, a kitten less than a month old, which was thrown into the toilet of a building in the centre of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) was saved in the drainage pipes. The Justice for animals (AJPLA), announced its intention to file a complaint for “act of cruelty to an animal.”

It all started when one of the neighbours of the building heard meowing and spotted that they were from the drainage system of wastewater. He then alerted firefighters and an acquaintance, a member of an association to help animals.

Only after raising several manhole covers that small group spotted and retrieved the baby cat.

“We could hear the screaming, it was horrible”

“With the light of my phone, we could see the kittens stuck in the manhole cover with the water running. We could hear the screaming, it was horrible,” told Var Matin one of the witnesses at the scene.
Because in reality it was not a question of a single kitten. “We managed to recover a second cat shortly after but it was too late, he had unfortunately died.  We just hope that there was no other but I doubt … ”

Sunday morning, Naiade, the little survivor, was slowly regaining his strength, said the regional daily.

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