Lorraine: A child falls 5m off Pathway

Local News
A 7 year old had a fall of 5 metres during a family walk in the Vosges, Sunday. He was only slightly injured

A family walk in the Vosges that could have ended badly …

Big scare for a 7 year old boy and his parents. Sunday afternoon, the family was walking on the path way of the Peter Caller to Etival-Clairefontaine in the Vosges, when the child fell 5 m off the path way and into a large crack, reports Vosges Matin . After his fall, he also rolled for a further 8 metres.


Hoisted by the police with the support of fire fighters, the boy was slightly injured: mostly scratches on the back, legs, and face. He still was taken to St. Charles Hospital of Saint Die via a gendarmes helicopter as a precaution and to receive a full check up.

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