Alsace: SPA to the Rescue of 41 dogs

Local News
The SPA in the Alsace region has rescued 41 beagle dogs from a terraced house

ANIMALS:  La Société protectrice des animaux (SPA) conducted a seizure of 41 Beagles in a house on the French-Swiss border …

It took several convoys to bring them all in the premises of the SPA Mulhouse. The Société Protectrice des animaux has indeed received 41 Beagle dogs, including 16 puppies from a house in Leymen , a commune in Alsace  situated on the Franco-Swiss border.

The SPA made the seizure, following the order of the court to withdraw these 41 dogs from their owner, especially because of hygiene issues. “This is not a case of physical abuse, because the dogs are healthy and fed, said the director of the SPA Patrick Bauer, from the columns of DNA . Still, there is abuse when the number of dogs is this high in a terraced house. “

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