The request from the students for roommates, for the start of the 2017 academic year, was much stronger than in the past years.

Real Estate in France: Nantes, Paris and Lyon are Popular for Roommates

Budgets, requests from students, popular cities … The site draws up an inventory of the colocation in France thanks to the figures of the first trimester of 2018. A roommate for 6 contenders in Nantes! Indeed, in Paris and Lyon as well, the gap between the number of offers and requests is the largest. 5.6 applicants […]

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In Rennes Thirty Three new apartments have been built in the area of Plaisance

Rennes: Thirty-three New Apartments in the Neighborhood Plaisance

The social landlord Archipelago Habitat has just handed the keys of this residence, built near the Canal Saint Martin in Rennes. She is one of 1,500 housing units delivered annually in the city. The Calligramme is a poem in which letters and words form a pattern. It is also the name of the new residence […]

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