150 to 200 railway workers and citizens demonstrated outside the station of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) Wednesday, June 27, 2018 to, in particular, protest against the uncertain future of the train line to Rennes.

150 to 200 Railway Workers and Citizens Mobilized to Defend the SNCF Châteaubriant-Rennes Line

150 to 200 people demonstrated on Wednesday 27th June in front of the station of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), to rescue the rail link to Rennes. If the 150 to 200 railwaymen gathered on the forecourt of the station of Châteaubriant  (Loire-Atlantique) have, above all, put forward their fight in course against the railway reform carried out by the […]

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In one year, the TGV Océane is the subject of a first positive assessment, according to the SNCF

One Year after the Commissioning of the TGV Océane, Traffic Increased by 60% between Paris and Toulouse

The TGV Océane is one year old. On this occasion, the SNCF established Monday 25th June, 2018 a positive balance sheet of its first year of operation between Toulouse and Paris. The point on the numbers One year after the implementation of the  High Speed ​​Line between Bordeaux and Paris, Sunday 2nd  July, 2017, the SNCF prepares an initial assessment […]

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Traffic forecasts for the SNCF Strike on 3rd June

SNCF Strike: Traffic still Disrupted on Sunday 3rd June with 2 TGVs out of 3 and 1 TER out of 2 in Circulation

SNCF revealed this Saturday night its traffic forecast for the day of June 3. Many trains will not circulate during this 26th episode of railway workers’ SNCF strike. Two TGVs out of three, one TER out of two and two Intercités out of five are announced. SNCF traffic will be disturbed again Sunday, for the 26th day of […]

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A new strike is announced at the SNCF, Sunday, June 3, 2018. Here are the forecasts in Normandy.

Strike at the SNCF: Rail Traffic (still) Disturbed in Normandy this Sunday

A New day of strike action at the SNCF by the railwaymen, this Sunday 3rd June, 2018. Rail traffic will be (still) disturbed in Normandy. Here are the forecasts. Users of the SNCF are getting used to it. Since the 3rd April, 2018, several railway unions have been conducting a strike against changes to their working conditions until the 28th June, 2018. A new […]

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SNCF Traffic will be disrupted in Normandy Saturday, June 2, 2018 due to a new day of strike railwaymen.

Strike at the SNCF: Disrupted Traffic in Normandy on Saturday

Saturday 2nd June, 2018 will be another day of strike action of the railwaymen. Consequence: the SNCF railway traffic will be distrupted in Normandy. Here are the forecasts. New day of strike action at the SNCF by the railwaymen over the changes of the working conditions, this Saturday 2nd June, 2018. Rail traffic will be disrupted in Normandy on […]

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Traffic forecasts by the management for the strike at the SNCF

Strike at the SNCF: Three TGVs out of Five, One TER and Transilien out of Two on Wednesday

SNCF management plans three TGVs out of five, one TER and Transilien out of two, and two Intercity trains out of five, this Wednesday 22nd May, during the 21st day of strike at the SNCF. The railway traffic will again be disrupted this Wednesday 22nd May as the strike at the SNCF continues against the railway reform, management have […]

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With the strike at the SNCF this Saturday, traffic forecasts for Lille and the region

SNCF Strike. Lille and Region has less than Half of Trains in Circulation, Saturday 19th May

The strike of the railwaymen at SNCF continues this Saturday 19th May, 2018. The point on the disturbances announced in Lille and in Hauts-de-France, where less than half of the trains will circulate. Traffic – Strike. After a very disturbed train traffic on Friday 18th May, 2018 , and the unions of railwaymen who stopped many trains […]

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Traffic will still be disrupted at the SNCF on May 9, 2018, for the 16th day of strike since early April against the railway reform.

SNCF Strike: 50% of TGV, TER and Transilien will Operate on Wednesday

Wednesday is the 16th day of the railway workers strike at the SNCF. Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate. Traffic forecasts. Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate Wednesday, during the 16th day of strike at SNCF against the railway reform , according to management traffic forecasts published Tuesday. There will be one in three Intercity […]

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Strike action continues at the SNCF

Strike at SNCF: Tuesday 8th May, 3 TGV out of 5 and 3 Intercités out of 10 will Circulate

Traffic will still be disrupted at SNCF on Tuesday, for the eighth episode of strike since early April, with three TGV on five and three Intercity out of ten, announced the management of the group in a statement. It is another day that promises to be complicated for SNCF Tuesday, the eighth episode of strike […]

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SNCF rail traffic will be severely disrupted from Monday evening, 2 April, due to a national strike.

SNCF Strike: 12% of TGVs will Circulate on Tuesday, Discover Traffic Forecasts

The railway workers start on Monday, April 2 at 7pm their “bumpy strike” movement. RER, TER, TGV, Intercity trains … Discover the SNCF rail traffic forecasts. Due to a national strike , rail traffic will be severely disrupted on Monday, April 2nd from 7pm until April 5th, 8am. April 3 and 4 are the first two days of this […]

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