SNCF Strike: 12% of TGVs will Circulate on Tuesday, Discover Traffic Forecasts

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SNCF rail traffic will be severely disrupted from Monday evening, 2 April, due to a national strike.

The railway workers start on Monday, April 2 at 7pm their “bumpy strike” movement. RER, TER, TGV, Intercity trains … Discover the SNCF rail traffic forecasts.

Due to a national strike , rail traffic will be severely disrupted on Monday, April 2nd from 7pm until April 5th, 8am. April 3 and 4 are the first two days of this “bead strike” movement, which is expected to last 36 days. Guillaume Pepy, head of SNCF, warned that some lines will be closed . The Intercités lines will be particularly affected.

SNCF, the railway company have anticipated these disturbances. At a press conference late Sunday afternoon, the group announced that the traffic will be “almost normal” Monday night, but that from Tuesday, 77% of drivers will be on strike, much more than on the last day of the strike on the 22nd March.

Concerning the disturbances to come:


  • 12% of insured TGVs in Atlantic
  • 27% of insured TGVs in the East
  • 12% of insured TGVs in the North
  • 11% of insured TGVs in the South East

The RER :

  • RER A: 50% of insured trains
  • RER B: 25% of insured trains
  • RER C: 20% of insured trains
  • RER D: 14% of insured trains
  • RER E: 30% of insured trains

TERs :

  • Traffic will be 30% on Tuesday. Buses will replace the deleted trains.

Intercités trains: 

  • 13% of Intercités trains will be insured on Tuesday.

And finally, on the lines R (Paris-Montargis) and U (La Défense-La Verrière) of the Transilien, there will be “no train”.

On its website and on its application, SNCF invites travelers to check the status of traffic “every day at 17h for trains the next day”.

A solution ? Carpooling

During this 36-day strike, SNCF set up an alternative solution until the end of the disruption: IDvroom. This carpooling site reimburses trips made throughout France for passengers, under certain conditions (journeys paid on the web or mobile platform, travel limited to two per day, distance traveled on a trip must be less than 80km).

The Reasons Of The Strike

The “rail battle” aims to counter the government’s reform project. The bill contains two major reforms, remind our colleagues of the Le Monde : the transformation of the legal status of the SNCF  (the public industrial and commercial, the company would go into a limited company) and the late railwayman status for new entrants.

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