Strike at the SNCF: Disrupted Traffic in Normandy on Saturday

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SNCF Traffic will be disrupted in Normandy Saturday, June 2, 2018 due to a new day of strike railwaymen.

Saturday 2nd June, 2018 will be another day of strike action of the railwaymen. Consequence: the SNCF railway traffic will be distrupted in Normandy. Here are the forecasts.

New day of strike action at the SNCF by the railwaymen over the changes of the working conditions, this Saturday 2nd June, 2018. Rail traffic will be disrupted in Normandy on the entire network, announces the management of the SNCF. 

This strike session started on April 3rd and will end on June 28th. 

Two Intercity trains out of five

Once again, we will have to take his pain and patience and organize well this weekend.

TER : six trains out of ten

  • Paris-Rouen-Le Havre: One train in three
  • Paris-Caen-Cherbourg: One train out of two
  • Paris-Granville: One train in two
  • Caen-Le Mans-Tours: no traffic

Intercités : Two trains out of five

  • Paris-Rouen: Nine trains out of ten
  • Paris-Caen: Four trains out of five
  • Rouen-Amiens: Normal traffic
  • Rouen-Dieppe: Normal traffic
  • Le Havre-Rolleville: One train in two
  • Fécamp-Le Havre: One in five traffic (100% coaches)
  • Rouen-Le Havre: Normal traffic
  • Elbeuf-Yvetot: One train in four
  • Paris-Vernon-Giverny : Trafic normal
  • Evreux-Lisieux-Caen-Cherbourg: Normal traffic
  • Lisieux-Trouville-Deauville-Dives-Cabourg: Normal traffic
  • Caen-Saint-Lô-Coutances-Granville: Normal traffic
  • Caen-Rennes: No traffic
  • Paris-Dreux-Argentan-Granville: Three trains and two coaches
  • Rouen-Caen : Trafic normal
  • Le Mans-Alençon-Argentan: Two trains out of five

TGV : No traffic

SNCF traffic forecasts for the Normandy railway network on Saturday 2 June 2018.
SNCF traffic forecasts for the Normandy railway network on Saturday 2 June 2018. (© SNCF screenshot)

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