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The leading French smartphone manufacturer, Wiko, sold 8 million phones in 2015

Backed by the Chinese manufacturer Tinno, Wiko has sold 8 million phones in 2015. This year, the brand targets 16 million units.

Wiko has become a surprise in the marketplace of smartphones, which over the last few years has slowly built its market share to become a very popular brand within France.  It was five years ago, in Marseille, Laurent Dahan, founder president, capitalized on an idea: make accessible technology.

Available Technology

Open to everyone the possibility to create access to products offering quality performance at a reasonable price. The small French startup partnered with the Chinese manufacturer Tinno, now the majority shareholder. The innovative spirit mixture and industrial strength paid off. In five years, Wiko has become the number two in retail sales in France. The company currently employs 200 people to deal with sales in France and 500 worldwide.

In the top 5?

“We sold 8 million phones in 2015, one every 4 seconds, explained Michel Assadourian, General Manager of Wiko, at the last week of the Mobile World congress.  Our goal is to reach 16 million in 2016. ” and above all, to enter the Top 5 of global manufacturers.

Development in Africa

For this, the brand intends to be more prevalent among French operators and to develop products for emerging countries, particularly in Africa.  Among the flagship products being launched for the European market is the Fever. This fluorescent smartphone (its central outline shines at night) also returns in a new range, the Special Edition Fever.

The special edition Fever smartphone by Wiko
The special edition Fever smartphone by Wiko

This time the special edition will come in a choice of finishes, in either the original version or with wood or fabric covers. It will be available in April at € 249.99.

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