SNCF Strike: Traffic still Disrupted on Sunday 3rd June with 2 TGVs out of 3 and 1 TER out of 2 in Circulation

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Traffic forecasts for the SNCF Strike on 3rd June

SNCF revealed this Saturday night its traffic forecast for the day of June 3. Many trains will not circulate during this 26th episode of railway workers’ SNCF strike. Two TGVs out of three, one TER out of two and two Intercités out of five are announced.

SNCF traffic will be disturbed again Sunday, for the 26th day of strike since early April , with two TGV three, two Intercity out of five and an TER on two on average, according to management forecasts published Saturday.

This 13th episode of the SNCF strike every two days out of five, to protest the government’s rail reform, will end Monday at 7.55am.

Transiliens, TGV and Intercités remain disturbed

Sunday, in Île-de-France, two Transiliens out of three should circulate on average. The traffic will be normal on RER A and RER B south. On the northern portion of the RER B, as well as on the RER C, the management counts on a train on two.

Other lines in the Paris area will be further disrupted (lines H, R in particular), also because of work, says the SNCF.

TGV side, the average will be two out of three trains in circulation: seven out of ten on the axes Atlantic and South East, three out of four on the East axis and a little less, three out of five, on the North axis. As for the TGV Ouigo, seven out of ten are announced.

The situation of the Intercités varies from one region to another. On average, two out of five trains will run.

“Nearly normal” traffic for Eurostar and Thalys

Internationally, traffic from Eurostar and Thalys will be “almost normal” and links with Germany and Spain normal. Two trains out of three are planned between France and Italy as well as on Lyria traffic.

This 13th episode of the SNCF strike comes before the vote on Tuesday in the Senate for the railway reform. The text has been reworked with amendments from all political groups, some of which give pledges to reformist unions.

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