Loire-Atlantique: A Hunter Aims at Boar but Kills her Father

Local News
A hunter was shot dead by accident in the Loire-Atlantique

The young woman stumbled …

Tragic hunting accident in Loire-Atlantique on Sunday. During a hunt, a young woman of 25 years killed her father at around 1pm in Blain, about thirty kilometers from Nantes, said firefighters.

She stumbles and fires gun

According to initial findings and the first testimony, explained the prosecutor of Saint-Nazaire, Fabienne Bonnet, the young woman wanted to shoot the boar, but when moving to position to take aim, she tripped. The shot then left the gun unexpectedly and the bullet hit the hunter’s father, aged 50.

The man was dead on arrival of the emergency services. An investigation was opened to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

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