Wearing a Mask in Confined Spaces: A Question “Under Study”, Assures Jean Castex

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Prime Minister Jean Castex speaks during a visit to the prefecture of Cayenne, in Guyana, on July 12,

During a visit to Guyana, Sunday 12th July, the Prime Minister recalled that “the circulation of the virus is all the more evident when the premises are closed”.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Sunday 12th July that “the question of developing the wearing of a mask is under study”, particularly for enclosed spaces, in order to fight the epidemic of coronavirus.

Asked by the press in Guyana where he is making an express visit, the head of government declared that “wearing a mask is one of the ways to prevent the spread of the epidemic”.

The question of developing the use and wearing of the mask is well under study, in particular this would above all concern all places, whatever they may be, closed. The circulation of the virus is all the more evident as the premises are closed.

“In existing regulations, in a number of these closed places (such as public transport, note), wearing a mask is mandatory,” said the Prime Minister.

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A certain relaxation observed 

The government spokesman Gabriel Attal had judged him earlier that “the French are responsible, and when they are given recommendations, they respect them overwhelmingly”. But the government “is constantly thinking, and we are constantly adapting to the situation”.

The head of state also reminded on Twitter that “barrier gestures are not an option”.

In mainland France, a certain relaxation in the respect of barrier gestures was observed. A concert was held Saturday evening in Nice without distancing. The mayor LR of the city Christian Estrosi announced that he will henceforth impose the mask for the big events that his municipality organizes, and asks the State to do the same.

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Doctors request mask requirement

“Do not hesitate to wear a mask in any situation, especially if you are not sure you can keep 1 meter away from those around you,” tweeted Health Minister Olivier Véran on Sunday afternoon. that several doctors signed a tribune, calling for the “wearing of the compulsory mask in all enclosed public places”

Entitled # MasquésMaisEnLiberté, this column, published in  Le Parisien , warns against “a possible massive restart of transmissions”. It is signed by Pr Antoine Pelissolo and Dr Jimmy Mohamed, and co-signed by several infectiologists.

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