“Pac-Man” Masaya Nakamura, Father of Famous Game, Died at age 91 years

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Masaya Nakamura, known as the father of "Pac Man" has died

The founder of Namco and father of “Pac Man” died on 22nd January …

He was known as “the father of Pac-Man”, famous game of the 1980s . Masaya Nakamura, Japanese pioneer of video games, died on the 22nd January at the age of 91 years, announced on Monday by the Bandai-Namco group.

In 1955 he had founded the company Namco and launched with two mechanical wooden horses, on the roof of a department store. Then he had developed into the video game market, including the famous Pac man game, as well as developing for arcades and theme parks.

Masaya Nakamura had found the name of the game and the hero

In 1980, the little yellow character Pac-Man, swallowing everything in its path, had been created by the designer of Namco games, Toru Iwatani. For its part, “Masaya Nakamura is credited with having found the name of the game and the hero,” says Le Monde .

In 2005, Namco merged with the Japanese giant Bandai toy and Masaya Nakamura are occupied an honorary office of special adviser.

[Source: Gamedealsdaily.com]

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