6.5 kg of Heroin seized, Main dealer arrested in Charente

6.5KG of Heroin Seized, The Main Dealer Arrested in the Charente

DRUG TRAFFICKING: In the Charente, police have seized 6.5kg of Heroin, guns, cash and arrested 8 people, including the leader of the ring Nice case resolved by the police of Poitiers who rejoiced, last night, on the social networks.  6.5 kg of heroin seized, 300 grams of cocaine, cannabis, seven weapons including two rifles, 6,400 […]

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Overview of a small part of Futuropolis with, just behind, one of the flagship building of Futuroscope.

Futuroscope Invents Futuropolis, the Dream City of Children

A city like no other has just opened in the famous technological and scientific leisure park. A city of the future imagined for and by children … 21 activities spread over 3 hectares and entirely dedicated to children and their parents. This is the 2019 novelty of the Futuroscope . His name: Futuropolis . Built on the basis of a city of the future, it […]

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Thunderstorms hit the western part of the country this Sunday, June 3rd

Thunderstorms in the West: Expected Local Floods, Wind Gusts of 103 km/h

This Sunday, 48 departments were placed on orange alert due to a new episode of thunderstorms. Heavy rains accompanied by violent gusts hit the west. New and umpteenth stormy episode, this Sunday. While 48 western departments are placed on orange alert ,thunderstorms penetrated western France in the middle of the afternoon, from southern Brittany to the Basque Country. Local floods […]

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The car crashed into the scooter from behind and dragged victim for 300 metres

Poitiers: Rider of a Scooter, is Dragged for 300 Metres under a Car

The victim narrowly escaped death … This scooter driver had a narrow escape. On the night of Friday, 5th May, at 3 am, to Poitiers , he waits at a traffic light when the scooter is struck from a car from behind. The driver of the car, then reverses and then resumes on his way quietly.  Without knowing […]

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Yves Jean, president of the University of Poitiers.calls to vote against Marine Le Pen

The President of the University of Potiers Calls to Vote against Le Pen

In an email sent on Friday to 26,000 students and 3,000 staff of the University of Poitiers, its president, Yves Jean, called for the second round of the presidential vote to vote against the Front National, Marine Le Pen. The line “subject” of the email is unambiguous: “Call to vote against Mrs Le Pen” . […]

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Charente Weather: Chilly Morning, Sunny Afternoon 1

Charente Weather: Chilly Morning, Sunny Afternoon

Weather: Overall it should be a nice day in the Charente … Once the fog dissipated and the dullness away by late morning, the sun will shine generously for the Thursday afternoon, according to the forecast from Meteo France. Temperatures should start off a bit chilly with it being around 3 – 4 degrees.  Once […]

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The weather in Charente today, promises plenty of sunshine

Weather in Charente: Beautiful Autumn day, Full of Sunshine

The weather in Charente should be full of sunshine this Saturday … The forecast for the weather in Charente from Meteo France promises a beautiful day full of sunshine. Although, first thing in the morning, it will be a bit misty, they will quickly give way to bright sunshine. Even a few streaks of clouds […]

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